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We are glad to welcome you into the year 2023.

We want to wish you all a great year ahead.

On our part, we are ready to help you achieve your financial goals this year.


1. The 2023 tax filing begins JanUARY 3,2023.
We are currently taking appointments. PLEASE Call 1-800-516-7713
2. The Easy advance program is available.
Get up to $6,000 advance, within 24 hours.
secured by your tax refund. Call us for more information 
3. our new office location is at 
   1755 The Exchange Suite 356 

Atlanta, GA 30339
4. Virtual tax preparation
You get the same personalized service that you have come to expect, only this time from the comfort of your home. We have designed a simple to use Virtual upload website. 
You can take pictures of your tax documents or select them from your phone storage.
5.  Remember to bring along or upload the following along with your tax documents
Copy of your Driver's License ( or other acceptable identification
       Copy of your Social Security Card
       Copy of Dependents Social Security Cards
      Documents that show dependents resided with you during 2022 (eg School Reports, 
Daycare StatementS
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